If you could be anything, who would you be?

I would just be ME. I have heard people say “The best version of myself.”

But I do believe if you skip the work or lessons you have learned to become that version of yourself, it is likely that you will still hold onto old habits.

I wouldn’t change a thing in my past, because those things actually made me become a better person.

And I think if we can see the future, and have the power to change it, we shouldn’t, because we can’t learn from it if we miss it.

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Church of Satan’s response to a Nigerian man who wanted to join the Illuminati

The Church of Satan on Twitter replied a Twitter user, who reached out to them, over how to become a member of the Illuminati, adding he intends to get rich.

In response, the organization advised him that ‘Illuminati’ basically means ‘enlightened’ and as such he needs to educate himself.

Below is their exchange:

The first time I came across this post, I thought to myself; some people can be so DUMB.

The devil is already looking for who to DEVOUR, and some people are willing to be the PREY. I think GREED and IMPATIENCE make people do CRAZY things. Well, he got what he deserve.

This goes to show that the devil esteem knowledge and wisdom. Although he is pleased to see people living in IGNORANCE, but that doesn’t mean he want those kind of people in his INNER CIRCLE.

But the amusing part is, those so called ENLIGHTENED people working for the devil, are also IGNORANT, because they’re also being deceived, and led astray by the devil.

I guess this is what happen when people chose to ignore the words of God. In the conversation above, the man was simply told to do the exact same thing God instructed us to do, in order for us to acquire wealth. The devil referring him back to those words, goes to show how foolish humans can be.

So, if you want to get rich, just follow the instructions of Satan in the above tweet.

Create the life you want to live

Life is about building yourself. Don’t change your thoughts, actions, so that others will like you. People don’t have to like you, it is your life, your business, and not theirs. Some people are trying to be like an APP. that mandates you to accept its TERMS and CONDITIONS, before using it.

Are you CREATING the life you want to live? Are you CONSCIOUS of what you’re creating? Are you SATISFIED with what you have created?

Don’t let the shallow words of people limit you, or force you into doing what you’re against. Always remember, it’s not worth it if you are not HAPPY.

Create a life that feels good on the INSIDE, not one that just looks good on the OUTSIDE. Happiness is a PURPOSE, and once you start living a purposeful life, you can confidently say to yourself, ‘This chapter feels really good.’

Even when no one seem to be clapping for you, for creating such a beautiful and amazing life for yourself, you mustn’t fail to clap for yourself. You should always be your biggest FAN/HERO.

You have to believe in your dreams, more than anyone else. Most people judge/evaluate you, according to THEIR ability, not YOURS. During those times, HEAR what they say, but don’t LISTEN. Stay glued to your dreams.

Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best, for it is when we try our best, that we actually become the BEST.

You have MAGIC in you, and with that, you can be anything you want to be. I think you should send your ‘selfie’ to NASA, because you’re a STAR!



Don’t let the things you see on social media, kill your self confidence

One of the greatest harm you can do yourself, is to go on social media, see the GLITZ, POMP and GLAMOUR, displayed by other users, then beat yourself because you feel nothing much is happening in your life. The truth is, things are not always what they seemed to be.

After high school/university, we see our course mates, friends and peers on social media, and wish to have the kind of life they are living. We’re amaze at how well things are going for them, and even up to the point of envying them. We notice their clothings, skin tone, cars, wigs, and marvel at how far they have gone.

We constantly compare ourselves to them, dying to be in their SHOES. But then, my friend, remember all that GLITTERS is not GOLD!

Social media has become a PHENOMENON that reminds us of how far behind we are, when compared to our friends and age group. The unspoken TRUTH is, everyone displays the BEST part of their lives on social media. You might actually have more financially, and living a fulfilling life, when compare to most of those ‘FAKES’ and ‘SHOW OFFS’ out there, who has airbrushed the hell out of their photos.

I have read stories of people, who had committed suicide, as a result of having few or probably no ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on their social media pages. So my guess is, they had nothing to live for, except for a few Instagram likes.

You don’t need a big butt, flat tummy or broad hips and all high fashion, to be ‘dripping’ or as hippies also call it, ‘on fleek.’ Just be YOU!

Note, I’m not trying to criticize anyone, or saying you shouldn’t display whatever you want to display. All I’m saying is, keep it REAL. I know some people consider being real to be boring, but it’s not.

The most important thing you must always remember, is that you’re only in COMPETITION with yourself, and no one else. Don’t take the things you see on social media TOO SERIOUSLY, because things are not always what they SEEM.

Living in a world where a Rolex is more valuable than a Good Heart

Most people live in places where their good deeds are not acknowledged, and their kindness, taken for granted. In mega cities all over the world, you would often find people being driven in chauffeured cars, decked in what the French call “haute couture.” They are the bigwigs, the demigods no one dare questioned. It doesn’t matter if their actions are right or wrong, as long as they can afford rented jets and have the privilege to live in hilltop mansions, they’re always RIGHT.This is predominant in this part of the world where I live. You need Ferraris and Bentleys to determine how you will be addressed or treated, and not by the love or kindness in your heart, or the knowledge in your head. This is the right time to change our way of thinking, and give respect and honour to whom it is due. I think most people, especially Africans, need to overhaul their MENTALITY, and stop making people apologize for being RIGHT.The world currently lack AUTHENTICITY, because everyone is trying so hard to be who they’re not, just to fit in. Presently ‘A Fake’ is louder than ‘An Original.’ Whoever is reading this, if you happened to be one of those people with a pure heart, whose kind deeds are not appreciated, please continue being ‘The Good.’

Women suffering just to find True Love

Do you have to hold your man down through thick and thin before getting the best version of him?Women are always expected to accept struggling love, instead of love without any or with little of the drama.Women are not here to raise and fix grown men. The heartache is REAL, and self destructive. Men should fix themselves before they walk into a woman’s life, and vice versa. If you don’t get physically and mentally abused, humiliated or cheated on, then you’re not ‘wife material.’.I really wish people would stop painting the picture that STRESS and TRAUMA is normal in a relationship. You shouldn’t have to be self destructive to prove you love someone..Wondering why women age faster than men? Well, that’s what happens when they spend their useful years fixing the supposed “head of the home”Don’t play with your life, ladies. After all of the suffering, the man might still betray you, and ruin your life, leaving you alone to pick up the broken pieces of your life. Women are not REHABILITATION CENTERS for men. No more ‘struggle love.’

The battle against Evil

Life is spiritual. It is the spiritual that controls the physical. The key to winning every battle the DEVIL wages is to keep your MIND dominated by the Word of God.

The mind is the strategic center where the battle is won or lost, in any warfare. There is no way we can fight the battles of this life physically, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of darkness, in this world.

Fight the battles of your life spiritually, by studying the Word of God, and adhering to it. Don’t give the ENEMY any access into your mind. Shut every door against him now, and let your flesh be kept under the control of the Holy Spirit, so as to free your mind from any demonic attack.


God opens millions of flowers without forcing the buds, and parted the Red Sea without any trouble. So why do people go about thinking God is merciless and has abandoned them?

Some might say “He doesn’t care about me, and doesn’t answer prayers, therefore, His existence mean nothing to me.”

Just because it’s taking longer than others doesn’t mean you have failed. Stop comparing your life with that of others, and don’t let the negative words of people get to you. You should be able to live life on your terms.

Your transformation PROCESS may be slow, but giving up on it all the same wouldn’t SPEED things up. You have to trust in the process.

If you understand TIME and SEASON, I bet you will never envy anyone. Just because it’s not your season TODAY doesn’t mean it can’t be yours TOMORROW. Don’t allow the SOCIETY drive you crazy with its FACADE.

Don’t force anything, for things will happen in the right time. Walk, run at your own pace, and most importantly BELIEVE in YOURSELF!


Be contented, whether you have little to eat, or spend. Contentment means enjoying what you have; happiness in one’s situation. But it doesn’t mean you can’t work for more or surplus.

Focusing on your goals, while enjoying the things you have, equals contentment. Most people are trying to live above their means, but they are not even willing to work hard.

You want a pair of Adidas, but you don’t have the cash required to purchase it, and you think robbing others of their hard earned money, whoring about, is a good idea.

Why don’t you make good use of what you have, instead of going about, trying to cut a bigger coat for your obviously little frame. If you want ‘The Good Life’ you have to be willing to work for it!!!

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